new tag


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our new tag is coming soon :: flowery, vintage, sweet, and a bit girly. hope you will like it as much as i do ūüôā out for printing!



now i love rainy days


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09863760993c1e94fc3443071c8c0147I used to hate rainy days so much, it’s gloomy and somehow just made me feeling bored and depressed for no reason. Not until now I can find more and more lovely rain gear so add colors to those gloomy days now. I also love that fact that we can all now “dress up” and stay adorable without worrying about water splashing and puddles. Stay chic, stay dry lala-ly girls!



raincoat in delightful floralsr-1002-d1classic gingham is too cute in the rain


how beautiful it is, the little red riding hood umbrella94b785a845b7f7d385a2fbc8e83dc9a3

simple rain tote by marc jacobs, love polka dotsrainbootsfb8641959406_75d53922dd_b8641958878_7d1deb5261_zlala-ly rainy day look by tieka from selection potential, wearing rainboots from lalamagic

51f93cac4160f8a972cf62af5112948byou can be real creative with rainboots, lovely (via cramerphoto)

1st birthday


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Yay, April is the month of our birthday, we just turned 1! We are extremely excited about this month. Last year this month I was busily working days and nights on setting up some html codes for the store, writing up the pages, designing the storefront, ironing bunch of amazing clothes, and lots of other stuff that I can’t even list them all out. I’m very grateful to have lots of friends who helped me out.

Stepping in the second year of Lalamagic, I have a massive list of to-dos to make it bigger and better (crossing fingers). I just don’t know where the passion is coming from (*smile*).


style scrapbook


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parisien Coordination of blue, red and white colors is always classic and romantic. I also love to mix them with black. It can never go wrong with subtle polka dots and stripes. Of course the must-have item is definitely a beret or a straw hat. Short socks can also be a highlight. Note the ones in polka dots, they are always very chic.

dreamy wonderland

dreamy wonderland This style reminds me of Alice in the Wonderland. Love the floral headwear, colorful gems on retro pattern, black & white striped stocking, tutu dress, long pearl necklace, and bows in all shapes and colors.


lace¬†I’m a fan of lace, for some reasons I feel good about myself when I’m in something lace. But lace can be a disaster if paired with a complete look, meaning a black lace top with black pants and black boots that have lace trimmings. what do you think?


nerdy¬†The nerdy styling caught my eye while I was flipping through the magazine. I love the patterned dress, mid-length skirt, headwear, and short socks. For some reasons this nerdy look doesn’t look like a nerd to me. It creates vibes from 60s or 70s.


bows Sometimes bows and ribbons can be too girly and childish but the black ones are always classic and my all time favourites.

floral headwear

floral headwear¬†I’m having a hard time giving a name to this style scrap. It’s a mix of spring blossoms and furry fall. But I like it together because it shows some beautiful ways to wear head accessories, from flowers to fur.