huesday // it’s blue

huesday blue

1. Cup of tea ring // 2. Vintage shoes // 3. The Dreamer’s Skirt Shorts // 4. Jelly Beans Top // 5. Luxe Beth Necklace

blue look, styling by steffy

welcome to the lalamagic blog

Yay the official Lalamagic blog has come to life finally. For those who have been checking us out from time to time has a new way to “stalk” us now (*smile*). But truthfully, thank you for many lovely readers who stopped by and left us sweet words through emails, live chat or facebook. All of them mean a lot to us and make us go a long long way. I hope we get to connect more here in our blog.

If you are wondering or ever interested to know about the story behindĀ Lalamagic, I think it would be a lovely thing to write about it in the very first post of our blog. Well….I would call it a self-introduction, how’s that?

I am gracelys, I own and run this little boutique called Lalamagic. Some friends called me Lala for some reasons. I love that dreamy name though. This is also how the name “Lalamagic” came from, with a dream and vision that Lala will make a difference and create some magic to the world. (*smile*)

Lalamagic is a little boutique about vintage, fashion, and lifestyle….ummm…I know it sounds quite common and vague. To be a little specific, we sell lovely and a bit girly clothing (only a bit, never too girly!), often featuring collars, polka dots, heart shaped, vintage floral prints, romantic lace details, and sweet pop colors. They are all inspired by vintage in some ways and reflected in a nostalgic lifestyle.

I first fell in love with vintage and nostalgic styles in an elegant old lady’s garage sale back in 15+ years ago. I once run an online shop selling vintage finds and in 2012 I opened this boutique carrying new clothing that has vintage styles I love.

I’m currently residing in Hong Kong where I get to travel to Japan and Korea for uncommon and quality styles of fashion. I travel to these countries multiple times a year to explore new trends and products to be brought into my boutique. I’m very glad that I have been enjoying what I’m doing everyday.

I love Hepburn, Twiggy, Shrimpton, and nowadays Zooey Deschanel, Alexa Chung, andĀ Kiko Mizuhara.

My favorite magazines are Fudge, Vikka, Company.032613

I hope you love what you see in Lalamagic. We of course also welcome any feedback and comments to help us improve. I will be sharing more interesting and inspiring stories and happenings on our blog. Stay tuned lala-ly girls!

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