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We’ve had an awesome shooting last thursday, with this lovely girl Elisa from Italy. It took me a while to pick a place for this shoot because I love old architecture, some greens, the red bricks, and most importantly with changing rooms at the spot! I’m so glad to have found oi! in north point that just fulfilled all my wishes.

A lovely friend of Elisa came along too, Elena is a pretty girl who was so sweet to help us out and she’s even in one of our outfit, how cool is that! Everything was so wonderful except for the summer heat and arghhh…mosquitoes! But it’s all worthwhile after looking at the photos. Can’t wait to share a few of them in monochrome…



Imagethank you girls! with love from your friends at lalamagic ❤


style scrapbook

parisien Coordination of blue, red and white colors is always classic and romantic. I also love to mix them with black. It can never go wrong with subtle polka dots and stripes. Of course the must-have item is definitely a beret or a straw hat. Short socks can also be a highlight. Note the ones in polka dots, they are always very chic.
dreamy wonderland
dreamy wonderland This style reminds me of Alice in the Wonderland. Love the floral headwear, colorful gems on retro pattern, black & white striped stocking, tutu dress, long pearl necklace, and bows in all shapes and colors.
lace I’m a fan of lace, for some reasons I feel good about myself when I’m in something lace. But lace can be a disaster if paired with a complete look, meaning a black lace top with black pants and black boots that have lace trimmings. what do you think?
nerdy The nerdy styling caught my eye while I was flipping through the magazine. I love the patterned dress, mid-length skirt, headwear, and short socks. For some reasons this nerdy look doesn’t look like a nerd to me. It creates vibes from 60s or 70s.
bows Sometimes bows and ribbons can be too girly and childish but the black ones are always classic and my all time favourites.
floral headwear
floral headwear I’m having a hard time giving a name to this style scrap. It’s a mix of spring blossoms and furry fall. But I like it together because it shows some beautiful ways to wear head accessories, from flowers to fur.

style of the moment :: it’s nautical

Summer is near, and we think it’s the season for nautical styles. It simply reminds me of sunshine, sea breeze, and vacation (yay!) Are you ready to wear the bold hues of navy, red and white? Check out some of our favorite lala-ly girls who show us some lovely nautical styling.stef nautical 1contrast of navy and white, stef looks so sweet in sailor collar and knee highs!

IMG_8392cool school girl look, by steffy

erin nautical 2perfect navy, red and white by erin

4f5b0694f742e030af125348f366151c7009315019_2759e263f0_zbeautiful kater in nautical dress

huesday21. sweet plaids collar // 2. coming soon in store // 3. nail style // 4. simply nautical dress // 5. polka bows shorts

lala-ly girl: nadya vall

Meet Nadya: she’s a lovely young girl from a small Siberian town who described herself as a simple country girl. She’s started modelling since around 13, (yeah young!) and now she’s a model and also a student.
Nadya is one of the most lovely faces we’ve came across. She is our very first model in our debut photoshoot last year. It’s amazing to have found her, I love her delighful sweetness, and has that look of vintage girly style. More about Nadya.


The shoot: I’m so blessed to have my good friends with me in this shooting. Thanks Emily for doing such an awesome job that day. I still feel bad that I didn’t let her use her newly bought pink lipgloss on Nadya for some reasons I don’t even remember!

P1000575rP1000578rnadya vall IMG_04222

debut shooting
debut shooting The photos turn out great, love them! Credits to Edmond and Kevin for helping out.

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